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That was a great flash


great flash
i just wanted to know what the song at the end was

Good Movie

good but its too long

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To hell with speechless... I'm speech-full!

I can rant and rave however long I want to (And I will) but in my opinion I'll never deliver the same feeling as I would is I said this bluntly. This game, at least for me, is perfect. You did one thing that most other games I play do not. You immersed me in a story, well crafted and far above par to what some games of today have. Everything else just fell into place for me. From my natural stubbornness I wondered around the halls not thinking "what's the next puzzle?" but wondering "What happened?" and "How do I get to earth?" A fish out of water feeling that even as I drift to sleep and write this review hasn't left me. Every detail counted, every piece had a reason to exist. The data pads were a window into the minds of people. It was believable, their excitement bled into the electronic pages, their thoughts marked the screen in characters, and their opinions colored their words in ways unseen. The being's (Not sure what to call it) birth was an spectacular journey to read and when it came to the final decision whether or not to hit "deactivate" I really thought about my safety and came to my own decision. I do not know what became of the character and the being but I feel that's the hidden beauty. To have our minds contemplate the infinite possibilities. The being (and by logic, you) was right. We do not use imagination as we should. I'm sorry for the ranting and raving but I felt that this game deserved the praise more-so than any others I've played.


I'll give a two for the effort but when the game is nigh unplayable because of controls there's a problem. I did manage to beat it and i was surprised to see the game just ended. This could be improved on to make an actually fun game yet as it is right now I would be hard pressed to find nice things to say.


its a standard dress up
What was the music?

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Needs some polishing.

I'm no expert but the chorus or feat. rapper (1:00-1:53) was a bit sloppy, slow, and awkward. As for your rapping (Hoping it's you in the start and the finish) The first critique I have is Mood Vs. Delivery, the rap was a story about your life and how depressing it was and what happened but you sound monotone through ought like you really don't care. The last short verse was better than the other too but it was bit sloppy sounding, like syllables were meshing together or you stumbled over them, and also this is more of my personal taste but the cursing makes it feel like you needed to add extra syllables so you threw fuck in for the hell of it. I like it but it does need some polishing.

Grade: D, Good try but it's only the start if you want a masterpiece.

Diamond in the rough.

At the end it seems a bit repetitive, and the back beat doesn't really match with the sample when he sings but other than that its a solid song. I found myself freestyling along and having fun so I might write something a little more concrete later but all in all its a solid piece.

janiev responds:

Thanks, for the review! I've got you're PM xD Hehe, appreciate it! Let me know if you gonna use it for a song.

This is great

I've been in a sort of writting slump but this piece right here inspired me to continue writting my story, what you say in here is poetic. I've been there done that and then picked up a pen and started writting. Hope you make it out there!

BigRed responds:

I'm glad I've inspired you! I wish you all the best with your writing, and thank you!

I'm an aspiring writer, music and stories both.

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